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Delay Installation - in Swords Dublin Ireland

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Hi All,

I am posting because I have signed up for Virgin Media [Account no. REMOVED-1GB Fibre Broadband [Order Number: REMOVEDback on June 10th (5th week now)
- We are still without internet.

We were originally with Virgin Media (on 1GB - Non-Fibre [HFC Services])
- However as they are switching everyone over to Fibre (the HFC Package is no longer available)
- We had to proceed with Fibre broadband package

We had Virgin Media Engineer arrive on June 13th for attempt installation:
- First Engineer infirmed us that he could not get the Fibre cable through the Fibre ducts as there appeared to be a blockage.
- Second Engineer same day came out to perform a Pre-Pull from both my end & the other end of my road (but the Fibre Ducts was still blocked too much to get it through)
- I did not hear anything for awhile so I called back into Virgin media to try get an update (but the Engineers don't leave notes as to what they have carried out & what needs to be done) 
- I called Virgin media to send out another technician so we can proceed on this.
- Eventually we had another Engineer come out a few days later (and repeated the same process with no luck)
- Final stage of a technician attempt: We were informed by text that a Civil Engineer would need to perform some external work and a technician would need to carry out an external assessment [which should been done in 2 weeks]. (this was on June 25th)
- We are now two weeks later and there is still no update.
- In the meantime, I am getting emails from Virgin media accounts department confirming our Direct Debit details while I am 5 weeks without a service.

1) What is the external party contacts Virgin Media use to perform the assessment for the civil work? (To speed up this assessment & finally get internet in the house)

2) What is the compensation of delayed installation
- Go off the following [Installation date is delayed]:
- Sounds like I shouldn't have to contact Accounts department: "we’ll automatically credit your bill with one payment (at £9.76 per day for how many days the issue lasted after the first 2 days) until once it’s fixed."

If someone could please assist us, I would greatly appreciate it.
- As my partner & I both work from home and using the hotspot off our phones this long is not working out for us all the time.


[MOD EDIT: Personal information has been removed from this post.]


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You'll need to contact these guys (different company to VM UK)

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

This is a Virgin Media UK forum & only deals with UK based customers.

Virgin Media Ireland is a separate company. You will need to contact them.

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