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Damage to property

Joining in

So what a nightmare!!! So we recently moved home we have always been with sky but thought we would try virgin media silly us!! Not only did we have an appointment for virgin to come and look at the property to see if this could be fitted at our property they just cancelled appointment no reason why, so just waited for another appointment!! I returned home after I’d been at work and virgin had been not only installed the cable which we had not authorised and damaged my property in the mean time!! Rite at the very front of my front door they have drilled into the cement looks an absolute eye saw they’ve not even drilled in straight!!! I’ve put in a formal complaint it basically went to deadlock so what they basically said is they can’t do any more all they offered me was a credit to my account !! How’s that going to pay for me having to pay a builder to come and rectify it!!! I mean how is it ok for a company to come onto someone’s property and create damage and then not help me sort it out! I can honestly say I’ve never known a company with such bad customer service I really have had no help or support all they’ve done is pass me from pillow to post! And just left with the front of my house looking a mess! 


Alessandro Volta

Poor quality installations are routinely flagged up on here, unfortunately. VM's usual position is to delay doing anything about the problem for as long as possible in the hope that the complainant goes away.

If you have been through VM's complaints process, and have reached deadlock, then the next step for you is the legal route. AFAIK the ombudsman does not deal with property damage claims (but you could double check to confirm that).

In another similar topic recently it was suggested to try using any legal cover you might have through your home insurance. If you don't have that try Citizens Advice. You may have to process a small claim through a court process but speak to Citizens Advice on how best to proceed.

Thankyou for your help 

Hi @Slc2 

Welcome to our community forums and thank you for your first post. Sorry to hear you had this experience with an unauthorized installation at your property. We can understand the frustration this may have caused. In this case, as the case has been deadlocked and passed on to a third-party adjudicator, it is best to leave the case with them for a resolution. They will contact us directly on your behalf to reach a resolution. We will work with hem to provide the best solution possible.

Forum Team

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It’s gone to deadlock but they’ve now said there’s no more They can do? How is this allowed what am I supposed to do?

Alessandro Volta

That's what the 'deadlock' term means. VM is not going to do anything more for you.

You can enquire with the ombudsman to see if they can deal (I don't think they do property damage cases).

After that it is up to you. VM will not have referred itself to the ombudsman as suggested above. Have you spoken to Citizens Advice on how to proceed?

Hi it has also gone to the ombudsman and yes your rite they don’t do property damage, no I haven’t but I am now going to get in touch with citizens advice . I just find it it so unbelievable how these things can happen and yet they still don’t seem accountable for it ! Such a big company and to do damage to someone’s property but still trying to get a resolution it should not be this hard! Thankyou for your advice . 

Alessandro Volta

I'm sorry to hear this, but as you will have heard above this is not an uncommon case.

You could if you wish leave an opinion of Virginmedia on Trustpilot, although as they are already at the bottom of the tables it may not make too much difference to their public appearance. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Hi Slc2

The process for a damage complaint after deadlock is different than general complaints.

I'm very sorry if this wasn't advised earlier.

I'll send you a private message now to explain further and provide the correct details on how you can escalate this. 

Please look out for the envelope in the top right of the page and pop back to me when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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