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Broadband connection keeps dropping out, Help please

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Hi  all,

I have looked through the community and can see similar issues discussed but no actual resolutions.

Can anyone help me with my broadband constantly dropping out throughout the day, its making working (teams calls etc) incredibly difficult and any online gaming / streaming unbearable. 

The speed is good when connected, the connection will drop out at least once every 45 mins for varying length of time.

Using Hub 5 and Volt 500 account.

Any help is much appreciated, i am on my last nerve and looking elsewhere for a provider as Virgin support has been unhelpful.

Thank You

i have added screen shots of my connection monitor from 13 April to 20 April :



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forgot to add, there are no issues reported for my local area and home equipment tests show good also.

Issue has been on-going for past 6 weeks

Tuning in

I had the same problem. After 3 engineer visits, new connections, etc. the only thing that cleared it was putting the router into modem only mode. 

Thanks for your reply,

What does this do exactly? is this easily done?

Alessandro Volta

Gives you the one WAN IP as internet was mean to be used without VM NAT in router mode but as you only get one IP you need your own better 3rd party router with 1Gb ports for many devices.

modem mode as is only allow one source MAC by one WAN IP to be uses 


Hi @DY9 

Welcome to the community forums 

Sorry to hear of your connection concerns. 

I have checked the systems at our side and can see that your upstream power levels are out of specification which can cause issues with your connection and cause the router to disconnect as it tries and fails to auto correct itself. We'll need to book a technician to investigate this at the home as this is not something we can resolve remotely. 


Please join me on private message so I can locate your account and pass account security. You can see your private messages at the top of the page, in the envelope icon or if you're using a smaller device, you can see your private messages by clicking on the Virgin Media logo at the top right and select 'Messages' from the drop down. 

Here to help 🙂
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