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Broadband coming.... now it isn't?

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So my parents address clearly showed that virgin media was on its way, in fact the fibre has been installed outside of their house.  However, now when we check availability it shows as not available and takes us to the splash screen to "show their interest in Virgin Media."

Their current broadband deal has now ended, Virgin Media Fibre has been run right outside their house and yet it is no longer coming !

Is there any other way to check what is going on here?


Joining in

Oh to add to this, Virgin have not ran fibre outside my house but it is available!
What is going on here !

Hey _Wibble_, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am sorry to hear this.

Sometimes when they are laying the cable is only step of many, let me send you a PM and we will fill a form in for you.

We also do deals all the time so please do not worry. 

Matt - Forum Team

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