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Broadband Nighmare 20 days no wi fi

Joining in

Hi we where due to be switched on today , got a text to confirm an engineer would finally arrive this morning between 8 and 1 pm

i waited in all morning and NOBODY Turned up , spent 2 hours ringing Virgin in Philippines , then Mauritius ,then  got cut off after and hour , then nobody rang me back !!!

Absolutley shocking service and I’ve wasted 5 hours of my day !

Now they say I’ll have to wait 14 days until and engineer can switch us on , can you believe the incompetence of this Mutli National Company .

the box is on the side of our house so it’s relatively easy to complete the install .

im begging for someone to sort this out , I can’t wait ANOTHER 14 days without any internet or WiFi etc

account number : [MOD EDIT: Personal info]

area : [MOD EDIT: Personal info]

please call me asap you have my number 


Alessandro Volta

welcome to the fiasco that is VM installs - read on here and weep - you are not on your own and the longest know wait is 13 months 

the new date you have is no more firm that the one that has passed its pulled out of the air and may well be changed in the future - no one will help other than tell you its not as it should be and offer apologies which is no more than condescending 

what box do you have is there a connection inside - if so change to self install and hope the wiring is good

the only good news is that as today was confirmed you will be due compensation of about £6 a day fom today to when they finally install you - use that money to get a 4g or 5g sim or router and use that - three do a monthly deal for about £25 a month - if you are in a 5g area is very usable

someone will be along and give you the pre install number - you can try that but it will be the same screen they are reading from so likely to be the same rubbish/lies

as to VM calling you - that wont happen - they dont do that although the say they will - more lies


Sacked VIP

Hi we have a brown box on the side of our home ….

The lying salesperson told us NO CABLE AND NO HOLES will be needed as we have a new home with Cat 6 wiring , he said they can just pull the existing wires through to their box 

well the install guy said they can’t do that ?

why not I ask ?

im confused and totally frustrated 

Hi Sarahw31 👋🏼.

Thank you for posting and welcoming you back onto the community forum 😊.

I am sorry to see there has been some confusion regarding your cables ☹.

I can investigate and see what is going on 🧐.

I will have to private message you, to take a look.

Please watch out for the envelope ✉.

Ari - Forum Team

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