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Absolute disrespect! Installation delayed since October 2023 and today is the 21st of March!

Just joined

Virgin Media keep postponing my installation, since I signed up in October 2023, and the latest delay was when they announced that the installation should be on the 20th of March, and it seemed as the final one because they sent a new contract with initial date of 20th of March and so on, but no... on the 19th they send a message: "We need to do some extra work outside before we can get your broadband up and running. This means we've had to move your installation date to 02/04/2024 .. ". Whenever I call they say the outside work should be completed by the end of the day... lies after lies. They have been saying they need to do extra outside work since October 2023. 

Guys Virgin Media customer service is the worst ever! Choose another provider if you value customer support. They answer the phone while eating, around people, outside... and when they raise the issue with managers.. they are careless as well!


Tuning in

Do wonder if you have my issue and Openreach are required for something.