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intermittent Frequent Packet Drops/Loss

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Hi there

 I noticed for a few weeks now that iv been having intermittent packet loss.

I have done all most all trouble shooting steps with no changes. Upload and download speeds seem to be ok.

I have attached screenshot of my specs below. Im hoping someone can help me.

We did have a area repair from the virgin engineers the this week. I was hoping that the repair they did would of fixed my issue but no change.

I have m500 running in modem mode with a ax11000 gaming router. Both software's are up 2date aswell.

All most everything in my home is connected by cat6 Ethernet cable only wifi running devices are my mobiles, tablets and ring doorbell.

Screenshot_20240222_201226_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240222_204306_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240222_204344_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240222_204344_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240222_204314_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240222_204323_Samsung Internet.jpg

 many thanks mr oz






On our wavelength


 sorry forgot to post screenshot of my speed test.

Joining in

Experiencing intermittent frequent packet drops or loss can severely impact network performance and reliability. Identify potential causes such as network congestion, hardware issues, or software conflicts. Troubleshoot by checking network configurations, upgrading firmware, or using diagnostic tools to pinpoint the source of the problem. Addressing these issues promptly can improve network stability.



Do you have any stats or tests that show packet loss ?

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I have been testing for packet loss on

But to be honest didn't save any results

The most iv seen is 4% loss.

All software is up2 date.

I had this same issue lastyear when we had a local area issue with virgin. My packet loss was fixed after they done there repair.

The virgin engineers only done local repair this week again but still no change.

Thanks oz


Try :    it helps to support reports of a service problem with evidence.

Hi there @ozan169 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you back. 

I am so sorry to hear that you have faced this issue and thank you again for popping back to us here. I have had a look and I cannot see anything that could be causing this issue. Can I ask how things have been since your last post? 

Hi there all

Iv been doing some more testing on my laptop regarding my packet loss.

Have have attached screenshot of my results.

All tests where using a cat6 Ethernet cable.


Screenshot_20240301_205913_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240301_205909_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240301_205821_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240301_205830_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240301_205813_Samsung Internet.jpg

Hi ozan169,

Thank you for your post.

We're sorry to hear you've had some issues with your broadband performance. I've had a look on this side and can't see any issues with your power levels, everything is looking normal which is good. However, when I try to view your packet loss and latency levels on this side, I have been unable to do so - this is usually caused by being in modem mode.

If you are in modem mode, please pop back into router mode when you can so we can run further diagnostics. Just give us a shout when you've done so 😊