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consistent intermittent connection issues

Tuning in


im back again to complain about the consistent issues im having, they actually calmed down for a bit but in the last week/ two weeks they are back in full force.

i experience a large spike in packet loss for sometimes a few minutes sometimes longer, i run the network diagnostic tool on the hub and it tells me there is no issue but says the broadband connection is down, whenever i try to check if theres any notable issues in my area the service status page advises me it is unable to communicate with the kit in my home (further emphasising that there is an issue).

as i mentioned in a previous post a technician has came out previously but couldnt work out what the issue was and replaced my hub and connection at the wall (and apparently the connections outside) but again this doesnt seem to have resolved the issue as we are still experiencing the problems (the problem times do show up on the thinkbroadband bqm test).

i have raised multiple complaints regarding this and been fobbed off essentially and it is getting to the point where i will be speaking to the account holder and requesting to end our contract early with no charge due to the faults we are experiencing and moving to another provider that probably will be a worse download speed but can actually offer us a consistent connection.


Do you have a service connection issue that may be causing the alleged packet loss ?

Tuning in

ive not been informed of one and the service status check on the vm website comes back with no issues, bare in mind when im experiencing the issues the service status checks cant connect to the hub 

On our wavelength

To be fair packet loss wise looks ok, anything above say 20% is a concern, and test packet loss on the wire not WIFI. There are a number of things that could be causing your noisy line as per the below. I think id start with replacing all RJ45 cables with at least CAT 8 (shielded cables). Ensure all RG6 Coax is snug and deploy the router as high as you can and away from other electrical equipment. Look at buying your own router and use the hub as a modem only. If this doesn't make a difference we can then start rulling out other sh*t..... So many things can cause your issue so best starting with the basics 👍


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