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WiFi pods can't be found by Hub5

Tuning in

Recently got a Hub5 when upgrading to Gig1 and the 3 WiFi pods around the house wouldn't connect - Hub5 couldn't find them. Found a previous thread here that recommended contacting VM by phone to have them recommissioned (or something similar) for the router. All fine and fixed after 30 odd minutes getting to the right team.


Router was knocked offline last night, maybe stormy weather messing with the network, but after rebooting the pods can't be connected again. VM Connect app is useless in helping and it's too late for getting them on the phone.


Any wizards available to get them going again? Any help will be much appreciated.


Tuning in

I have the almost the exact same problem. Just posted!  
Had a new Hub 5.
Had to have the 3 pods connected by tech support. 

All started flashing today and won’t reconnect.

Alessandro Volta

I'm sure VM are going "will people stop upgrading there hubs when you have pods*! 


Well, if there weren't dead zones without it that would be fine, but hey. Here's hoping they get sorted again.

Tuning in

So, I'm just off the phone to VM after going through the usual reboot and factory reset guidance that the automated system sent a link to, (then ended the call,) then showed nonspecific "connection issues" and suggested I contact through chat support or phone them again. The chat button was dead, so I phoned again to explain 3 times that the pods weren't identified by the router and VM Connect app was no use for resolving the issue. They eventually said there's a short term connection issue, they're going to monitor the network connection for 24 hours and it should resolve by then.

I'm not holding out much hope for a genuine resolution based on that call, especially since they suggested in future I could use the Connect app to resolve any problems. Y'know, considering it couldn't do anything useful for the past 2 days.

And here I was hoping they would have a solution for you. I did think there’d be more people on here having issues as we seem to have suffered the same problem at the same time. Perhaps it is a coincidence =[

It's likely happened for the same reason, yeah. I doubt it's been maliciously engineered to happen anyway. 😃

Still not been resolved though!

I’ve been on the phone to them today and they’ve raised to second line technical support - expecting a call back in 24 hours. We’ll see.

Good luck with that!

To be fair, they’ve sorted it (without calling me). I got a text saying they had paired ‘the’ pod to the hub. I got home to all 3 working again.
Interestingly though some of the speeds are slower where the hub is ‘recasting’, whereas it was faster with just the hub on the extremities of the antennae.