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WiFi pod order issue

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I'm on a volt package. I ordered a WiFi pod and when ordering I specifically asked for the Black Pod with the accompanying power cable so that I could place it suitably. The customer service rep on the phone said they would note this although they didn't seem sure about what I meant.

Unsurprisingly a white pod arrived, which wasn't suitable as I have no exposed sockets without obstructions available where the pod is required to be.

I have tried using the pod anyway as it's the customer service agents on WhatsApp either think I'm trying to say the pod is faulty or they say as I have a hub 5x that they cannot help!

The pod is under a cupboard and therefore not doing what it's designed to do and provides poor connection.

Putting the pod onto an extension lead isn't recommended or an option, would look awful and would mean the pod can move around easily as the extension lead would not be fixed in place.

I have tried contacting customer service via WhatsApp again and still now resolution, again trying to send an engineer.

Could a virgin media staff member please help me out in getting a black WiFi pod? I will be able to then place the pod on top of cupboard and run cable to plug socket. Putting the pod onto an extension lead isn't recommended, would look awful and would mean the pod can move around easily as the extension lead would not be fixed in place.


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It's also worth noting I have a hub 5x which is WiFi 6 and the white pods are WiFi 5.

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Hi I am in the same situation. I specifically asked for a black wifi pod but they ordered a white pod for me. The rep I talked to said that black pods are only elegible for people on M500 broadband plans, which I don't understand as I am paying for Gig1. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi curtm,

Thank you for reaching back out to us, I can confirm the white pods are compatible with the Hub 5 and do work when plugged into an extension, the Pod can be place in any socket and does not have to be so closer to the Router, you can find out more around the pods and setting them up here.



Hi @Paul_DN

The problem is that the Hub 5x is WiFi 6 and the white pod is WiFi 5 which actually makes a difference when using newer devices and is noticeable connection stability wise. Also the extension lead is not in a fixed place so it is prone to movement meaning the pod can move which then effects it's connection stability.

It would be good to know what the eligibility criteria would be for a black pod and why a matching WiFi 6 pod is not provided with a WiFi 6 router as standard on WiFi Max guarantee, the white WiFi pod being WiFi 5 is a bit of a mis-match and in my scenario useless as I have no flexibility as no power cable.

Also I was told by the original agent I spoke to that a black WiFi pod had been arranged and it was not.

@ethanbm There doesn't seem to be any clear information on eligibility, just that you might receive one or the other. All virgin webpages say the pods are the same but this is not the case (e.g one is wifi5 and other is WiFi6).

We are also in an XGS-PON area which uses the newest technology and hub but still an outdated pod.