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WiFi keeps disconnecting on Phone and XBOX

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I have an android phone on O2. I also have other devices throughout the house. The WiFi keeps disconnecting or losing signal on the phone which prompts it to use Data. For the last 2 months I have used my limit in data of 20g. This is just from the phone keep disconnecting from the WiFi. Majority of the time it loses signal and has the exclamation mark next to it. My sons Xbox loses signal too and we have to reset the hub to connect his Xbox again. I first started to notice this after having problems back in December with the hub suddenly losing connection, I booked an engineer after the 3rd day of losing connection from the hub for every device but ended up cancelling as we regained signal. Each day since then it loses signal from devices. I have also checked the speed tests throughout each room and it says they are fine but we know that the only room to have a strong signal and not lose the signal is the room that the hub is in, every other room devices lose their signal. My son works from home for his schoolwork and has exams, this needs to be fixed. I also use my data allowance at work and now by using all my data up, I'm unable to connect at work. I need to be able to have my data sperate to my home address. My phone when at home should be using WiFi not the data. I need this issue resolved. It's like whatever happened to the hub to lose signal and disconnect completely in December has affected our WiFi since. When I check service or go through my virgin online and do the checks, it doesn't find a problem. Please help to resolve it


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Sounds like using a third party router might help the disconnections somewhat - the Virgin hubs are very poor.

Could you please post the router logs from so I can see if there are any issues just to make sure?


I do not work for VM, just trying to help!

Alessandro Volta

This link may help you deal with the matter.

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Kellou21, 

Thanks for posting this on our Community Forums 😊 I am sorry you're experiencing this issue with your WIFI connection, we understand how frustrating this can be if you're not sure what's causing it. I have checked your services on my side and I have come across a WIFI connectivity problem within your home that could be causing the disconnections you've mentioned.


There are so many things that can influence a Wi-Fi connection that are beyond our control, some of which include (but are not limited to) a fish tank being in the same room, walls being built with concrete instead of brick, or it could even be that your next door neighbour's router and Wi-Fi connection is interfering with yours.

Due to this, I'm afraid that we're only able to offer limited help unless we find more evidence that an engineer is needed. Please have a look at the troubleshooting and advice here: WIFI SOS

The Hub's location could also be causing the coverage problem, so we do need to check the positioning of it. Can you please ensure the following.

•    It's out in the open if possible.
•    If positioned near the TV that it's next to it, not behind it.
•    It's away from large bodies of water (e.g. fish tanks).
•    It's away from baby monitors, cordless phones and radios.
•    It's away from microwaves.

Think of the Hub as a radio and Wi-Fi as the sound - the further away you are from the radio, or the more obstacles that are in the way (walls, electronic devices, etc.), the quieter the radio and, in turn, the poorer the Wi-Fi connection.

If that doesn't help, if you have the Hub 3, Hub 4 or Hub 5, you can download our Connect App which will allow you to scan areas of your home and will offer help. 


Please let us know how you get on with all of these aspects, if you do need further help then please reach out again!



Alessandro Volta

Good luck with the Connect App!

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)