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WiFi Connected 'No internet' only on laptops but works on phones

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To keep it shrot as possilbe, jsut mvoed ont Virgin media for the past month, nothing but issues.

My works laptop, personal laptop and Desktop will consistanty be connected to the WiFi but have no ineternet. I've had comapny IT involed, flushed the DNS, release/renewed the IP as a temporary fix but the issue still returns. I've even tried using a public DNS to try solve the issue and it is still happening.

Countless attemps fo restarting the router and even back to the factory settings yet it still is an issue.

Its severly impacting my work now and i've not been able to get in touch with Virgin Media customer services to get an engineer out which is what all the forums online say is required.

Any advice around this? or anyone know how to get in touch with Virgin Media as ive been on hold for almsot an hour each time i've tried to ring.



Connected to the Wi-Fi but no internet access are the exact symptoms of a device that has been blocked from accessing the internet via the VM Connect app or via the Hub menus.

Failing this check the network settings of the laptop when is connected to the Hub's Wi-Fi.

Via DHCP the laptop's should have been given an IP in the range a Gateway of & DNS of &  If it is not this what is it ?