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Virgin media staff LIE - WiFi /Service issues

Tuning in

I’ve been on the phone to virgin media for 4 hours and been transferred to 14 people. I’ve been asking to talk to a manager since 12. I demanded in the end  half an hour ago. I knew she was fake I asked her name title etc. I then said if I find out you’re lying I’m taking it further. She transferred me. I asked her to read my notes and tell me if I just spoke to a manager she said no. I’ve been lied to fobbed off for 4 hours. Virgin can’t treating customers like **bleep** my WiFi never works. I asked for he £100 guaranteed pay back to be lied to. I asked to cancel my contract as they can’t provide a service to me. More lies. Everyone please stand up to Virgin. We all have a contract made on lies. I’m disabled too and didn’t receive the promise on their app of  priority good customer service. I got cut off transferred lied to and now on hold for an hour for a real manager. This can’t be legal and im finding out if it is. 



[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Beau99 

Thank you do so much for your post and welcome back to the forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue when speaking with our teams and this is not at all the experience we would want for you! 

Can I ask what the initial call is in regards to and we will do all we can to help here? 

Asking for my £100 guaranteed as my WiFi won’t work. I’ve had issues for over 12 months. I’ve complained had an engineer out but not on record. I want to cancel my contract as im paying for a service I can’t use. Virgin media customer service is illegal 

Tuning in

Having similar issues with a new install. Demamded to speak to a manager but just get passed around. No actual managers to speak of and not sure they can even do anything.

We can certainly appreciate your frustration with this and we would be happy to look into this. 

We will private message you now