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Virgin have cut my broadband off?

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I'm switching to Virgin the end of next month after 15 years of troublefree sky broadband.

We have FTTP on a new build and a nice chap from Virgin came round earlier this week to rod the ducting and leave a rope in?

Today I've had 3 vans from some company called svella make an absolute mess on my driveway. They have left cigarettes and tea stains all over my driveway, but the main issue is they have somehow managed to disconnect my current sky broadband. They have fitted a silver box next to my openreach duct and spent the afternoon rodding and shoving cables down the ducting. I'd like to add they didn't actually speak to anyone in the house as nobody was in, they have just done it. I watched them on the doorbell. Then around 3pm my doorbell goes off as they are outside. I get home to find my Internet is now disconnected. 

On top of this Sky now want £40 to send an engineer tomorrow. I've spoken to virgin on the phone who said they would send an engineer round but they didn't take any account details from me or tell me when someone would be round.

So I'm now cleaning my driveway in the rain and wondering if anyone can advise me on how to sort this as I'm absolutely incandescent with anger at the moment 😂


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The best way to resolve this is to get used to having no broadband. They didn't need to know your account when promising to send someone around because they have no intention of doing so. At this stage, your best option is to pay Sky the £40, cancel your contact with virgin and forget you ever had any thoughts about joining. 

Alessandro Volta

This sort of issue has come up before

It sounds like the installers were using Openreach ducting from your description.

Can you see where the Sky connection has been damaged anywhere above ground?

Your relationship for your existing connection is with Sky so it is Sky you need to get to remedy that.

If VM has used Openreach ducting to get to your property I would have thought there must be procedures in place for recovery of costs for cases where one installer damages the infrastructure of another provider.

If not, you will have to recover the costs from VM via a complaint to VM and (probably) the ombudsman. Take photos of all the damage and keep records of all comm's with VM and Sky until you can resolve.

One of the VM forum team will reply here eventually but usually that is within a few days.

Alessandro Volta

Go back to Sky and try to forget you ever heard of Virginmedia. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

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So after having a look outside its obvious why I have no Internet, Virgin have installed their own fibre in an Openreach ducting and put their box on my wall and whilst doing this have completely removed my existing and live Sky/Openreach fibre cable from the ducting in the street leaving me with no Internet. Sky are coming tomorrow but it will be a short visit as there is no fibre going to my house for them now as the jokers today have removed it! 

I'm now currently considering just going back to Sky as I can't understand how Virgin have managed this? The only way I can think of them rectifying would be for them to activate my connection immediately and send someone round to install the point for the router. 

I've only ordered it last week but what a shambles of a company this is.

On our wavelength

And so the nightmare begins...

Hey Ryster, thank you for reaching out and I am so sorry to hear about this.

Just to confirm you have signed up with us, but the engineers have left trash around the drive way and have cut you off your current Sky services? 

Have the Sky engineers been round yet? 

I can also see you've spoke to us since this, did they  manage to help?

Matt - Forum Team

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