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Super Hub 5 randomly disconnected flashing blue

Tuning in

Ever since I switched to a SH5 I've had nothing but problems. It's disconnected 3 times over the past 3 days and now it's gone altogether flashing blue and offline. This has happened before and it was offline for a few hours there was nothing on the service status page to indicate there was a problem. This is happening regularly and no explanation as to why is this a disconnect. As a Network Enginy way around a network everything is functioning properly the only problem is the random disconnections and flashing blue and yet the service status page says everything is fine because if this is a localiaed problem and the amount of affected falls below the amount to register as a fault say for example you need 1000 people offline and only a third are offline that's 333 customers the service status page will not show any issues because it isn't enough customers and those figures was just an example not an actual figure.


Tuning in

I think its time for an engineer.

Hello Hefeydd


It's disappointing to hear of the broadband issues experienced since updating to the Hub 5, we understand the frustration and appreciate you raising this via the forums.


We have taken a look and at present all of the spec's and levels appear to be in the ranges we'd expect to see. The hub is currently showing in modem mode, this limits the diagnostics we can run. If you let us know when the Hub is out of modem mode and in router mode we are happy to investigate further.



My hub is doing the same and is definitely not in modem mode. No one at the call centre can help and have run out of diagnostics.

Joining in

I’ve had the same issues, I’m on hub 5 number 3, every time I ring I get told the same BS there’s an intermittent fault in the area and it’ll be fixed in 24 hours ! Don’t let them change you hub because it’ll keep happening and all you’ll have to do is keep changing your damned WiFi passwords on all your stuff. 

Tuning in

Its the wifi in the router.

I had the same problem, 3 engineer visits, all connections changed inside and out, a hub change and was still getting disconnects. I cured the problem by putting the router into modem only mode. Not had a disconnect since.