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Solid Red Light

Joining in

For the last 2 days on our Hub we have a solid red light, the wifi is working fine. It was a bit hit and miss earlier in the week but work was being done in the area.

After doing to reboot suggestions and the same issue I called Virgin via 150 and talked to an agent. They checked at there end and said connection is fine.

The agent told me the hub can change colour at times (I know this).....I mentioned it was slightly warm on top of the hub but not hot, thinking is it overheating but I didn't get any solution?

I'm a bit concerned about just leaving it as a solid red light is surely some sort of issue? Any help would be appreciated.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Dan-C06,

Thanks for your post, welcome to the Community Forums.

Sorry to hear you currently have a red light on your Hub. Sometimes, the white LED light can turn an orangey colour, however this is still quite distinct from the red colour it turns to indicate when the Hub is overheating (for Hub 3s specifically). 

Can you please confirm:


  • If you have a Hub 3, if not, what Hub you have
  • If the Hub is in an upright position and in a clear and open space
  • If you have performed a factory reset

We can go from there 😊