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Red light on hub

Joining in

I have had a solid red light on my hub for some months. It is upright , well ventilated and only warm to the touch. I've tried the recommended solution process several times.  I've asked the call centre about this and they say it's okay, but the forum posts and documentation indicate that this is a warning of overheating. Di I just ignore the light?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi mickcoppared,

Thanks for your post, I'm sorry to hear you have a red light on your Hub currently. Have you tried factory resetting the Hub? Is it sat in an upright position?

We can see that you do already have an appointment booked in for another issue, so we'd recommend to ask the engineer to take a look at the Hub for you during the visit, as we won't be able to book in another visit until this one has completed. If you do still need any help following this appointment, please do let us know.