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Really poor Internet Service from Virgin - Affecting VPN Connection to work , for months now !!!!

Joining in

Greetings all new to this forum. Did a google search for "Bad Virgin Internet service" and landed on this forum, so just signed

I have been a Virgin Media customer for almost over 2  years ( why I haven't left for a another better provider I ask myself ??). For years Ive endured continuous interrupts to my service. I work from home 50% of the time and for months I've been putting up with a dire and poor internet service. My VPN on my work Laptop into work drops frequently or the service gets so weak, all my applications running on the VPN freeze up. Past few weeks have been so dire , Im behind work now

Only my home Mac. Doing zoom group calls is an embarrassment as I keep getting pop ups telling me my connection is poor. This has gone on for too long. Ive reported this to virgin and typically they run checks and tell me they can see nothing wrong. My kids complain regularly about having problems with the internet when doing their homework.

Like colleagues of mine at work who have left Virgin for other providers im planning on doing that myself - the service is so dire , considering im out of contract and paying a huge monthly fee now. Ill go somehwere else cheaper and much better for service. I hear BT and Sky are pretty ok ! 

Why is my service soooooo badb ????? 



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Create a BQM and post the live link.


Oh la la ... more red flags here than on a Hongqi car.