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Poor WiFi speed / Hub 5 upgrade

Tuning in


I am currently on the Gig1 Volt package and experiencing issues with poor wifi within my property. I have used the chat service and asked whether a wifi pod would be advantageous. The answer I received was that my connection would be monitored for 24 hours and to come back tomorrow if I am still having issues. I have no idea how a poor signal can be diagnosed like that but oh well!

I also asked whether I could upgrade to a Hub 5 as the 2.4G / Wifi 6 would be ideal for my uses. Again I was totally ignored and told that the Hub 4 was 'better'.

So basically, how on earth do I go about ordering a pod and upgrading to the Hub 5?

Thanks in advance.



I'd give the locked down VM Pods a wide birth, plus white VM Pods are Wi-Fi 4 and Wi-Fi 5 devices,
that leaves you clear to choose a proper Wi-Fi 6 Mesh with sufficient nodes to cover your property.

Alessandro Volta

Welcome to VM where they like to say free pods with 1Gb connections but they never have enough as for the hub wifi is so important to everyone only not so make do with the hub you got.

If your wanting to do better you can get your own router with 1Gb ports put hub in modem mode   


Thank you. I will do some research and see what's available.

It was still annoying that I was fobbed off by customer service though 😏

Thanks. This seems to be the consensus with regard to the hubs. I will research what's available.