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Poor VPN speed

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On gig1 service with hub 5 and now subbed to 4 supposedly fast vpn's (proton, surfshark, nord & express) but the best result I've had is 230mbps on surfshark. Native ISP is 1143 confirmed with samknows reslspeed. Yesterday bought TP-Link AXE75 and connected up to modem mode but only got similar or worse with all VPN on and off was down on router mode max 853. I know the 2.5 gig port has issue. I had an unmanaged switch so had connection problems. So got a managed switch coming that can disable EEE. But Ive read this still only allows gig traffic through the 2.5 gig port. Need Virgin to fix firmware. I'm still on the dodgy version :(.

Any advice on how to increase my VPN speed? Support has got me to try things but nothing has worked so far. Always 1 VPN at once and to nearest Manchester server.

Thanks in advance.


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OK great stuff thanks. Much appreciated.

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That's the very nature of VPNS. Traffic is routed through the VPN providers network and then fed back to the user. Overly simplistic description I know, but again you will never max out your bandwidth whilst connected to a vpn.

Out of curiosity, what speeds do you get when not connected to a vpn?


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When 2.5 gig port working and in router mode had 1100+ on WiFi out my 6e access point on my phone at 5ghz. Yesterday in modem mode max was 853 but different time of day still closest server on surfshark. Limited to gig port ATM though till virgin fix issue so can match 1100.

I know VPN's take some bandwidth in use but not so much 1100 down to 230 :(.

They don't 'take some bandwidth', they are limited based on the VPN provider's servers.

The rest of your bandwidth is still available when the VPN is not in use on other devices.

So nothing I can do to improve? Exhausted all options I can think of.

OK. Thanks.

Alessandro Volta

One possibility is VM hate VPN because they can't do ACK suppression in the VPN and so you do full ACK bandwidth in the VPN but what VM could do is rate limit a given size packets that may be ACK packets in the VPN and so your download speed is slow.


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They advertise 10 gig servers though 😞

Well taking into consideration on the VPN provider's site the 'expected' speed of the VPN is 260Mbps in ideal conditions, and you got 230Mbps, that is about as expected.

@jon1331 wrote:

They advertise 10 gig servers though 😞

Shared between 1000's of customers, not all to yourself!