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No Broadband since April!

Joining in


Not sure if anyone is in the same position and can help me but i'd be grateful for any suggestions at this point:

  • I live in a rented flat, account holder is currently the landlord so I don't have any account details, I do have the work order number of the complaint
  • Our internet went down the first week of April and as at 26th June, still no progress.
  • We were told that our service was cut during an outage due to the "noise" our broadband was sending down the line
  • Then told new cables needed to be laid in the area
  • Then told, cables couldn't be laid as blockage under the footpath - nothing can be done until the footpath was dug-up
  • Week before last, the shop directly underneath our flat had a new VM account set up and broadband installed. The footpath didn't need digging. Shiny new VM box currently sitting on the wall outside that feeds underneath the footpath.
  • Another appointment booked for today between 8 and 1 - no show!

I work from home and am at my wits end! Any suggestions if i'm not the account holder? Landlord just sends me updates that appointments for an engineer have been booked and says it's "very difficult" to get through to anyone on the phone to discuss the situation.

Any help gratefully received - many thanks! 


Alessandro Volta

Your landlord is correct. It is very difficult to contact anyone at Virginmedia. A staff member here might offer to help, but if any complaint is to be made it has to come from the account holder. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Alessandro Volta

Presumably the broadband service is included as part of your rent. If so, is your landlord reducing your rent accordingly?

Alternatively, the landlord will be eligible for £9.76 per day compensation for the loss of service. Perhaps you might like to suggest s/he refunds that to you and any flatmates once the connection is restored since the landlord could end up getting your rent plus the compensation!

In the meantime there is nothing you can do yourself as VM will only talk to the account holder.

If you have not done so already, look into getting some mobile connectivity on a rolling monthly contract to keep you going until VM is restored.

You could also consider getting an Openreach connection put in on a rolling monthly contract until VM comes back online. These have a higher upfront cost to install but you have no more than a rolling commitment. Some have got by doing that to cover a long delay for a VM repair.

You need to do your own research though to find out what will suit you best.

In fairness to the landlord, cable installation problems fill up endless topics on here so the landlord may well be doing their best and is a victim of VM incompetence just as much as you are.

Joining in

Thanks for your comments - I am currently buying data for a Vodafone Wifi 5G dongle. I'm assuming the landlord is being compensated, would be silly not to have asked for it, at almost £10 a day for 3 months! 

Hi @aysmcc01 👋

Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post.

I am sorry to hear of the issues the service.

As you are not the account holder, there are limitations on what we can discuss but I'll pop you a PM 📩 now to update you about any fault.



Forum Team

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