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LG TV WiFi connected but no internet

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I have a hub5 with my 5g channel set and 2g for dumb smart devices aka Alexa

My smart TV is now randomly not liking connecting to WiFi.i use WiFi as the ethernet on the TV is slooow with it not being a gigabit


When I go to settings I get a connection from WiFi but it thinks there's no internet so nothing loads. These are the settings from auto and from WPS if I change the DNS to I still get the same. If I change it to my gateway address it thinks everything is there working but nothing loads still


I know the TV works on 5g network as I am able to hotspot my phone to it and have an extender which I reconfigured for this test which is used in another part of the house to boost signal


The TV is within range gets connected and then dies it's getting very annoying as I know it has to do with the router but all settings are correct and all devices rebooted and reset 


No other TV or device is having this issue 



"the ethernet on the TV is slooow with it not being a gigabit"  ....  25Mb/s is about as fast as is needed for 4K TV streaming, the 100Mb/s network socket is not a limitation & will always be a more stable option than Wi-Fi.

Many VM Hubs channel hop at random resulting in Wi-Fi dropouts, to prevent this in the VM Hub admin menu (do not use the VM Connect app) ...

1) DISABLE Smart Wi-Fi / Wireless Channel Optimization
2) set the 2.4GHz band to Channel 1 or 6 or 11
3) set the 5GHz band to Channel 36 or 44



This is mainly for my media streaming of personal media.... Using ethernet it buffers when watching 4k but on WiFi no issues at all as gets a nice speed for the local network files


Smart WiFi is disabled was first thing I did when I got the hub and set my static channels

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

As well as the above from @Client62   try a factory reset on the TV and then check the date and time are correct.  Incorrect time information will prevent any network connection.

+1 for the ethernet as well.  Most, if not all TV's are 100Mb NIC's as that is all they need.

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I often read my TV / Game Console are network cable connected only 5 posts later to read the admission that the TV or Console are network cable connected to a VM Pod or via 2 hops of a Wi-Fi Mesh and this is just Wi-Fi but by a different means yet the original poster does not grasp the importance of this at all.

Or the significance of using an Powerline adaptor without having check the actual through put is sufficient for the intended use.

So is your system ?    Streaming Device >> (cabled direct to) >> VM Hub >> (cabled direct to) >> LG TV

Also what is the bit rate of the 4K video files that are being streamed ?

Devices have been rebooted and reset (factory reset) both TV and the hub. Hub wasn't needed as it's just one device. Time etc are all correct on devices 


Obviously I wouldn't be trying to connect via WiFi if the ethernet was suitable.... It is fine for Netflix etc but buffers when wanting to stream my own media via Dlna etc 


Not sure why a power line has been mentioned as this is not used. I have a WiFi extender which I reset to attempt to use for the TV which connected and allowed a 5g connection, a direct connection to the hub via WiFi does not allow internet connection 

My TV is connected via ethernet to hub or WiFi to hub ( when it should work)

In regards to nitrate it's any 4k video no matter what nitrate hence the need for WiFi usage to allow more data than the 100mb that the TV ethernet allowz

So is your system ?    Streaming Device >> (cabled direct to) >> VM Hub >> (cabled direct to) >> LG TV


This is correct a Nuc with gigabit to hub and hub to TV. But 4k halts and buffer's all the time


WiFi used to work fine for this as would get the bandwidth needed to allow non buffer


What bit rate is the 4K material that that buffers on a 10/100 Mb/s NIC ... an now on Wi-Fi too !

They vary

Bitrate 25285 kbps

Bitrate 61988 kbps

Bitrate 22224 kbps

Bitrate 25285 kbps

Works fine on the WiFi from the extender but I can't use this as need it for elsewhere and should work same as all other devices connecting to the hub


The wired and wireless have the same settings setup on the TV (minus IP address) yet the WiFi wants to have issues when using the network on the hub