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Internet dropping out intermittently for the past 3 days

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For the past 3 days the entire network (wifi and ethernet) has been dropping and coming back up a minute or so later. Happens about 10-20 times a day.

The WiFi has had this same issue with dropping internet connection for a year, with the only way of reconnecting being to forget and rejoin the network entirely.  I have had 3 different technician call outs fiddling with various things and replacing hubs but never fixing the issue for more than a few days, when it inevitably starts happening again. I have to manually reconnect to use WiFi on my phone so often that I can't even google search something and open a page without multiple resets. Was adviced to disable smart switch which crashed the entire network for the rest of the day.

Was also promised wifi extender pods by 2 technicians and have not received them, i'm paying for the top package and don't get any connection at all in my kitchen, dining room or attic, meaning I cannot test the speeds in the virgin app to automatically get pods ordered,  or claim the promised £100 cashback if the speeds are not over 20mbps (they're 0. there's no speed to test).

Would really appreciate an experienced senior technician pays a visit to figure out what's going on here, a year without a solid connection is unbelievable, especially considering I had absolutely no issues before upgrading to the Gig1 package last year.


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There is a clear issue with their underground cabling, 100s experiencing this nationwide - they seem to be happy to just leave customers in the lurch and ignore it so they don't have to fix anything. 

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Hi @hppat 

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Sorry to hear that you're having internet issues at this time. 

We've checked the systems at our side and cannot see any issues with hub itself today or anything raised in the area. 

We can see that the systems advises that the pod hasn't got a strong signal and so would be recommended to reposition this closes to the router where the signal is still strong and can extend that strong signal further. 

We can also see a third party network device, which we'd be unable to support with and would need this disconnecting from your set up to see if devices connected solely to our services/equipment are still having broadband connection issues. 

Here to help 🙂
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Hey this doesn't resolve any of my issues... On my VM connect app it says the pod has good connection, I cannot plug it in anywhere else as it will not reach the rooms with no signal. I've requested more pods so many times.

I don't have any third party network devices, the only thing I have is a TP Link smart switch for my consoles to have seperate Ethernet cables.

Can you organise a technician visit please? You've failed to address the fact i've not been able to stay connected to my wifi for an entire year and have no connection in multiple rooms...

Thank you for your response @hppat To take a deeper look into this, we are sending you a private message. Please keep an eye out for an envelope at the top right corner of your Forum page. Let me know if you have any issues locating this.



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