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Intermittent connection

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So despite multiple engineer visits, my internet is still so unreliable, it’s not worth trying to access the internet or even try watching a film on my Virgin TV Box. The internet is ridiculously slow, causing constant buffering issues and the Virgin TV Box keeps presenting the error “channel not available” or “connection issues”. This has been going on for many months, but no one from VM is willing to help. Whenever an engineer is booked, following the online service status check, the same engineer arrives, who didn’t even want to come inside my property on the last visit. He just said he can’t do anything because someone from “Networking” has to visit and repair the problem in the street. I was told they would be out in 72hours, but it’s been over a week now. In the meantime I’m still expected to pay the bill for months of improper use. I’m again following the process to get another engineer visit, but I know this won’t help. Even if the engineer could fix it, the one that ends up visiting, couldn’t be less interested in his job. In fact I wish the internet was as quick as him, because he is so quick during his visit, that I end up questioning whether they actually ever turned up. Please, someone help. I’m stuck paying for a service, which is not useable. All I want is for my TV and internet service to actually work. What has happened to VM customer service. I remember when they were “united artist”, who in my experience actually had a consistently good customer service and care. 


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Raise a formal complaint in writing. Link is below. 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @TPM871 👋 Welcome back to our forum 😊

sorry to see that you've been unhappy with the level of service you've had. It certainly isn't what we'd expect. I've checked our system and can see you've been speaking to our team on X today. Have they been able to support with this?

Let us know.



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