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Hub 5 - can no longer name my devices?

Up to speed

I have most the devices connected to my Hub 5 named for ease of use.  The interface for doing this is buggy at best (you cannot rename stuff on row 3 onward as it overlays the top row items, plus you have to check MAC addresses on another screen first - so silly!) but it works - or rather it used to work!

I just signed in to my hub and I can no longer click on the devices on the home page to name them or change their device type... literally nothing happens when I click on them like it used to.  Those I have already done are still there thankfully.  I tried rebooting the hub (and no way I am going to reset it as it will lose all my settings) - has anyone come across this new bug?




Up to speed

Coincidentally, I was having some Internet issues last couple of days which turned out to be a North West routing issue affecting VM. So in my investigation I was looking at the hub info and noticed one of my phones lost its name ("unkown") on the hub 5 status connected devices.

I then tried to rename it at which point I realised I couldn't. This was always possible until yesterday. It was a useful feature.

Up to speed

I hope they haven't removed this (albeit flawed) feature!

Morning @adamelphick and @thinkpad 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

I've asked a colleague about this, to see if indeed it's a software/firmware update that's caused it and will report back asap.

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Tuning in

Just replaced my hub 3 with hub 5 within the last hour and have the same issue. Software version is 1.2 according to Info. Any housekeeping tips you can pass forward? Thanks.


The discussed functionality was lost with a recent software update.

Refer to the thread below for other known issues ...