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Hub 5 and DECO M5

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Hi there, I've recently received a Hub 5 and 1Gbps broadband, all good.

My issue is that I've been using three TP-Link DECO M5s for several years with great success. My previous VM Hub was not delivering a consistent signal throughout the house.

I've set up the Hub 5 and connected the master DECO to it via Ethernet cable and everything works well... except... the speed I measure on the DECO network is slower than what I measure on the new VM network. 

I didn't find the need to set the Hub 5 to modem mode at first but, I did so to see if the speed of the DECO network connection improved. In modem mode, I could not even access the internet using the Hub 5 whilst connected to it with an Ethernet cable to my MacBook Pro – so I couldn't try the experiment as the Hub 5 wouldn't 'feed' the DECO.

I reset the Hub 5 and I'm back where I started, a blisteringly fast VM network and my pretty fast DECO network. Has anyone experienced this and or have any idea what might be wrong? Thanks in advance. 


Community elder

In modem mode only one wired device is associated with the HUB 5. This is because the HUB latches onto the MAC address of the device. Even unplugging and plugged in different devices will not work unless you reboot the HUB.

Only one device at any time should be plugged into the HUB in modem mode.

What sort of speeds are you seeing on the Deco?

Is QOS disabled?


In modem mode did you use the 2.5Gb/s port of the Hub 5 and hit this issue ...