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Hub 3 flashing green power and internet light - no broadband

Joining in

So, about a week and half ago I have had no internet and the day it suddenly just stopped working, I had to go away so could not get it fixed.
The hub 3 has a solid green Wi-Fi light at the top then the light below which I believe is the internet is flashing, along with the power light. They alternate flashing green.
Also, I have tried resetting, power off/on, checked connections but nothing works. Also, service status in my area is fine.
I have accessed router and saw that it says in internet, access denied.
It has been frustrating, and I have only had virgin for 1 month.....
If anybody can help me, please, I do not wish to call out an engineer if not needed and be charged 25 quid, which is completely stupid, for an issue by virgin.
Thanks everybody.



"internet, access denied." -  Check the account payment process is in order.

Payment is all sorted. Theyve taken payment from my account a few days ago 


Check for a local fault in your street : 0800 561 0061 - it an automated service.

The VM Activation Team 0800 953 9500 may be able to fix the "internet, access denied" situation.

VM Customer Support are on 150 or 0345 454 1111 from a non-VM phone.