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How do I order the Wi-Fi pods?

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Hi how do I order the Wi-Fi pods as can’t get the connect app to work?

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Hi how do I order a booster as I live in a bungalow but the signal does not reach one of the bedrooms

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Does anyone know how I can order 3 wifi pods as the virgin connect app says I can order them due to low speeds.

But, when I click the link it takes me to the website but I cant see where to order them?

I am a volt o2 customer

Many Thanks


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Hi, my wifi signal does not reach the back of the house.  Can I get a booster to put one or two along my hallway to boost the signal?


I know they say that to assume something makes a donkey out of both of us, but when I was told that I'd get 3 wifi pods with my Hub 5 I did think that they'd be in the box when it arrived yesterday.

Anyway, as I'm unable to get the stupid Connect app to find my new hub 5, I'm posting this in anticipation of a friendly VM rep replying so I can get a couple of hubs.

oops, that should have been a couple of Pods, not Hubs, of course.

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Hi I'm in volt max, getting 1gb internet, but I have a WiFi blackspot in my sons room. I've used the connect app and the download speed on the last 2 scans was 14mb and 19mb respectively. In volt it said I was entitled to 3 wifi extenders in my package, but I've had no option to request one after doing the scans.




Any help will be appreciated. 

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I spoke to advisor on the phone for 30 minutes he told me that he would send me 3 pods. I've only received one, and the signal is still at 4mb in certain places in the house. How do I order the other two pods without spending an hour trying to get through to an advisor?

Good Afternoon @curlytops, thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the lack of Wi-Fi pods being delivered to you.

I would advise that we don't have the ability to order multiple pods for a customer and can only be issued one at a time - this is simply to avoid customers claiming Wi-Fi pods that may in fact not be needed.

Check out the purple envelope in the top right hand corner for a private message from me and we'll get to work on the second one being issued.

Kindest regards,


Hi could I order a free Wi-Fi pod please?

Same do we need to do our own topic post that is what talktalk did it but seems vm does not they seem to allow any one to post on other person same topic

which can lead to dealys and not clear on the info done for the person ??