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Has Anyone managed to use a Hub5x in modem mode successfully?

Tuning in

Having a real issue with this hub5x. New install last Saturday, going to have to cancel if I can’t get this working. 

it says it’s gone into modem mode and the hub light does turn green, however it doesn’t change ip to and stays at With my modem WAN on automatic, it says that the router isn’t issuing DHCP. 

I also tried to forward to my ASUS with DMZ and that isn’t working either. I put the router to and forward to that but no data goes to the router. If I leave the modem in router mode and my router I’m then getting a double NAT issue so can’t port forward into my machines. 

any other ideas please. 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

There is at present NO modem mode for the Hub5x nor is there any date from VM for its implementation. There is some code in the hub for modem mode, but it does not work.

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Alessandro Volta

cancel VM for going backwards on something that we want.