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Dissatisfaction with Virgin Media Service

Tuning in

Dear Virgin Media, 


I would like to express my continued dissatisfaction with your Broadband services as well as the poor customer service received in getting this resolved.


We have been having severe latency issues, as well as frequent disconnections, making the service very unreliable. A cable pull has been scheduled for Tuesday, but we are not convinced that this is going to resolve the issue, particularly as the engineer who came out yesterday didn’t seem to really know what he was doing. 


Me and my daughter (who has autism) have lost trust in Virgin Media - I have  complained to the exec team without any response (it’s been over a week - this is unacceptable when other companies manage to respond in a few days). We have frequently experienced reliability issues over the 7 years we have been with Virgin Media - but this has worsened recently.

My daughter is very distressed and upset as she is unable to play games and the service is very unreliable.


Please let me know what you plan to do - I can provide a complaint reference if necessary? If this matter cannot be resolved - please provide me with a deadlock letter so I can complain to the ombudsman.


Thank you,




Tuning in

Thanks - you've been very helpful @jpeg1