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Connected, No Internet

Joining in

Frustratingly keep getting wifi hangups, devices not connecting to apps or the net.  When looking closer, connected to hub, but no internet.


Tried MyVM and VM Connect apps, but funnily enough, with no internet, they cannot see a problem- and when internet is back, they work fine, so no problems with anything according to the apps😫


Anyone have a fix to this ?  Had an engineer visit a few weeks ago and all seemed ok for a while, but now back to continual hangs, drop outs and...

Screenshot_20240215_193108_VM Connect.jpg

 Any help appreciated...


Alessandro Volta

Put hub in modem mode get your own better wifi router with 1Gb ports



It may be the mobile phone that is dropping the Wi-Fi connection & reverting to mobile data.

Both Android and iPhones have settings to discourage reverting to mobile data when Wi-Fi is available.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Nemosam1


Sorry to hear of the wireless network issues experienced, we understand the confusion this can cause and appreciate you raising this via the forums.


We can see you spoken to the team recently, we're they able to assist with this or provide any options?



I have the same issue. Devices are disconnected then reconnect with no Internet access. Are you capping the number of devices allowed Internet access? I had a new router fitted by an engineer yesterday. But he left before I noticed the problem is still present on another router. 

Hi RonaldH, 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

We're sorry to hear you're having an issue with your WiFi connection. There are so many things that can influence this, some of which include but are not limited to, a fish tank being in the same room, walls being built with concrete instead of brick, it could even be that your next door neighbours router is interfering with yours. Due to this, we are only able to offer limited help. Please have a look here.

The Hub's location could also be causing the coverage problem so we do need to check the positioning of it. Can you please ensure the following: 

  • > Out in the open
  • > Next to the TV not behind it
  • > Away from large bodies of water (e.g. fish tanks)
  • > Away from baby monitors and cordless phones
  • > Away from microwaves

Think of the Hub as a radio, and WiFi as the sound - the further away you are from the radio, or the more obstacles that are in the way (walls, electronic devices etc.), the quieter the radio & the poorer the WiFi. 

If that doesn't help, a WiFi Pod could. You can view more information on that here. If you would like to discuss adding a Pod, let us know. 


Forum Team

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