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Connect app not finding Hub4

Joining in

I just got my Virgin volt package installed this morning and all seemed to be initially fine. My WiFi now seems to disconnecting and reconnecting intermittently and when I downloaded the connect app, it says it cannot find my Hub 4. I've tried the 60sec reset and also the Web page but it says my password is incorrect. Any advice or help?? 



The VM Hubs have 2 passwords one for the Admin menu and the other for Wi-Fi. 
Make sure that you have the Hub password from the bottom sticker for the menu at

If this is a new VM Hub it will take a few days to a week for the VM Connect app to start working.
Leave the Hub running, restarts / resets will make no difference.


Also make sure the device hosting the App is on the 5.0ghz network.  I found the App would not connect to the Hub if it was on the 2.4ghz network.

Worth a try.

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