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Connect App Unusable

Tuning in

The connect app isn’t working and my Hub 4.0 performance is dropping. I am unable to access via the router url either. This has left my control of my home WiFi almost nothing and it’s impacting my safety and security.

Why is this happening and what can be done about it. I am paying over £120 a month.


Joining in

Im having the same problem as well. It’s bloody annoying, can’t access the connect app, my WiFi glitches every few minutes and I have to turn off and on the wifi on my devices to get them to work. Resetting the hub or turning it off and one doesn’t work either. It’s ridiculous. 


Identical issues with the Hub 4 are widely reported on this forum.

Yes thank you - I replied to a thread last week in an attempt to get support but I’ve heard nothing. So I posted a fresh thread. Still nothing.


Likewise - my internet is now dropping out every five minutes and my CCTV is failing as a result.

So my safety and security is being let down by Virgin Media as I pay over £120 a month. It’s another problem in an ever growing list with VM. Always very slow to respond and I always have to go through the extremely basic tests before they actually address the problem.

it sounds like the Hub 4 is broken and we need Hub 5s or at least a working hub.


Contact VM Customer Support on 0345 454 1111

Alessandro Volta

TO THOSE WHO PAY £120/MONTH:  There is value in 1000/100 and a TV package.  This value is not realised by having the Hub in router mode; not at this level of dependence on having good facilities.

Modem mode is the answer, with your own decent router/mesh network.  No awful Pods, no even worse Connect App (which is the root of all evil).  Router mode with the Connect App takes away your WiFi settings independence .

Honestly, please take my advice seriously.

Keep us posted.

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)