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Complaint Tracking

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How can you see the status of a complaint?

I have an active complaint that was subject to a pitiful VM 1st response that was almost all irrelevant to the complaint and significantly very unhelpful. I replied by email (but that is another issue).

VM website states "you can track the progress of your complaint on My Virgin Media by going to the My Cases dashboard."

Guess what, this is about as accurate as other information VM elect to provide. 'My Cases' does not appear to exist when I look at both the mobile and web versions of My Virgin Media.

Maybe I just wait for the clock to tick down and take the issue to CISAS were I have had several successful adjudications against VM.


Accepted Solutions

Alessandro Volta

If you (inevitably?) end up at arbitration, the adjudication for VM is now done by

See where this Helpful Answer was posted


Alessandro Volta

If you (inevitably?) end up at arbitration, the adjudication for VM is now done by

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @d557 thanks for posting and welcome to our community.

Sorry to hear you've been unable to gain an online update to your complaint.  I would like to take a look on your behalf and offer you an update. I am going to send you a private message. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right of your screen.



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  • I have exactly the same problem. My Cases simply doesn’t exist. 4 times in under a month my landline has gone. I phoned today to complain again. Cut off after 12 minutes after waiting to speak to a manager. No one phones back. My wife and I have both tried to send an on line complaint this afternoon. Both times it vanished when sending. I phoned back. Message says they are “too busy” and cuts you off immediately. Awful service, the worst I have ever known.

Alessandro Volta

You can share your unhappy complaint experience with OFCOM.

They launched an investigation into VM on 13 July 2023 specifically into VM's cancellation and complaints processes.

Case ref. no. and an email at the bottom of the above page or submit with same info via the contact form

Submitting information won't help your individual complaint but it will contribute to the OFCOM investigation and it sounds like your experience is directly relevant to the terms of reference of the investigation.


Does make anyone wonder why they would continue to be a VM customer, no?

Being cut off, well there are numerous claims on here from VM staff that ‘certainly no VM customer services agent would ever deliberately do this’, which implies that either VM (a communications company) have a really, really poor communications system or all the customers who claim this are, well, simply lying, for some reason*

Manager call backs - never, ever happens! But often used as a reason to terminate the call and move on.

On the other hand, considering that the VM complaints process is simply broken and useless, it does have one redeeming feature! Using it and getting nowhere is a pre-requisite to escalating your issue to the Ombudsman service. In fact poor (non existent) complaint handling is a mitigating factor in deciding compensation.

* unless of course, VM customer services staff, actually do deliberately cut off ‘annoying or difficult’ calls. No that can’t be it, surely?

I have the same issue. Can't track my complaints.

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So a little update. I was Private Messaged by VM Rep. who after a dialogue committed to getting a 'manager' to send me a written response (I do not accept telephone calls on complaints as I insist on a 'paper' trail).

So what has happened ...

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (anyone surprised?)😣

Clock is ticking before I go to ADR.

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We have complained about how the account was set up and the promises made which have led to a first bill around £270ish. 
lies? Misinformation? Who knows, but seriously out of pocket. 

complaint written, no way of checking they got it or anyway of tracking as there advice doesn’t exist. 

cam anyone help?

Hi Tommos,

Thanks for joining in on this thread about ongoing complaints, I am sorry if you're also struggling with a complaint at the moment 😥
Would you mind going into some detail about what the case is about please so we can help further?