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Can't connect to router via VM connect or admin page.

Joining in

I needed to factory reset the router a few weeks ago as our phone lines didn't make outbound calls after receiving the internet adpator and after factory resetting the router was stuck in an update loop for 2-3 hours and seems to have resolved it self. 

It was only after trying to use a smart plug today that I have found it lost connection to the router as the factory reset changed it back to a dual band 2.4/5ghz channel and I need to split it again. 

I'm having trouble connecting to my router via VM connect and browser via a wired connection to split the channels so I have a 2.4ghz and 5ghz connection so I can make use of smart plugs. The internet is working, I can browse websites, play online games and use all the on demand services on my v6 box.

I have Followed all steps online to resolve this hasn't worked, so I have called virgin media and the advisor tried to split the channel on their side for me, but has run into the same issue of not being able to connect to my router. They have pinged my router and are not able to get a wireless connection confirmation result back. They have said it seems to be fault on their end so will try throughout today for me and call me back either way. 

I personally feel there is a fault with the router or maybe the coaxial connections as I have been with VM for donkey years since it took over what was NTL so the connections to our home are probably deteriorated as I can't even remember the last time we've had a technician visit for anything  - I don't mind paying for a technician visit if it turns out there is no fault, but the advisor said no they will try their end and if it doesn't work the next steps would be to send me a replacement router.



Using a web browser the VM Hub's menu is at :

To use this link ALL VPNs must be disabled, that includes disable Apple Private Browsing / Private Relay.

If this link does not work, post a screen shot of the response / error message.