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1GB Internet, but only 360mbs wifi?

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So i have just upgrades to 1GB service and that's Fine as long as i connect via an ethernet Cable,

I have just installed the BLACK WIFI Pod to improve reception in my Office,

Does any one know WHY i am only getting 360mbs WIFI speed?  i have tried a few devices with the Samknows speed test, All tests were done with in 1 Meter of Both the Hub And the WIFI Pod, but the WIFI seems to CAP OUT at about 360mbs,  i know the WIFI MAX only covers 30mbs, but i SHOULD be getting a faster speed when i am with in 1 Meter of the Hub

Software version LG-RDK_7.6.15-2306.5 of the Hub 5

Any ideas?




What you are measuring is the speed your kit is drawing data.

360Mb/s is very decent for Wi-Fi,  it is over fifty times what is needed for Netflix at 1080p.

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The HUB 5 is Wi-Fi 6 so if you have devices capable of this standard you should see faster speeds.

However, if you have the old pods (White, rather than black) they are Wi-Fi 5, meaning slower speeds.

Keep in mind your devices must be capable of faster speeds, regardless of the HUB/pod capabilities.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Is the pod in your office? It should be equal distance between the VM hub and the target machine. If it’s in the same location it is just getting the sam WiFi signal strength as the target machine. Contrary to popular belief there is nothing magic about the pods they are NOT a booster, all they do is extend the range of the WiFi signal. 

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