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Unable to see new account in app after moving house

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  • Hi, we moved home I called Virgin to help move the connection to new place. The person on the phone signed me up to a new tariff for the bundle I had. In the process a new account was created for me which I wasn’t aware of. My virgin media app is accessed through my primary email but it’s still linked to the old account which is now inactive. There appears to be no way to de-linking the old account number and linking the new account number to my virgin media app. I don’t really want to set up a new account with different email as I don’t access it and will likely miss important emails. The strange thing is that Virgin do have my current email on the new account as I get emails from them but cannot get online to view my account. Will be grateful if old account can be de-linked and new account linked to my login. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Ben1618 👋,

Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

I would love to help you with this so will pop you a PM 📩 to confirm some details and we can take it from there. 

Hope to hear from you soon 😊

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Hi @Ben1618 I am having rhe exact same problem. What was the solution. I had the most nightmarish conversation tonight where call centre op wouldn't put me thru (even though I was returning a call regarding my installation tmrw), since she was looking at one account, I was looking at both and she said I wasn't quoting the correct plan. Insane. All I asked was to move house, not change my plan. I don't get all this stuff on the bill saying volt... discount £26... the showing the amt. I've not asked for any extras what do ever just a big standard broadband. If I don't get connected at new place tmrw, I'm going to be a v unhappy customer.

can you share your fix? 
thank you,


Hi Youngspooner,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We're sorry to hear that you're unable to locate your new account in your Virgin Media app.

From your post, it seems that you've not yet been installed at your new property. 

Unfortunately, until your new services are installed and up and running you will not be able to register your new account details online to view your bills/contract details.

Once your services are installed, and active, you will be able to register your new account number. 

Kind regards Jodi.