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Old Address still showing on My Virgin Media app

Joining in

Hi there, 

I think this is a fairly common issue, I've been given a new account number on the same email address but I still see the information for our old address on the My Virgin Media dashboard/app. We've moved all our kit over, spoken on the phone to get it activated but we're still having some issues and trying to fix it while seeing the old information isn't ideal. Going through the troubleshooting for the site has recommended to book an engineer visit, but in order to cancel that I've been told to use My Virgin Media - but that information is still for the wrong address! We've been told it will automatically change over but I'm just wondering when that will actually happen? Appreciate any help anyone can provide. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @jordanainslie 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

It's a Move and Transfer of the email from the old account to the new one is what is needed.

Timescales are 24 hours. I'll send you a PM now to help.

Forum Team

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