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Cannot register for my Virgin media account

Tuning in

I’ve been a Virgin broadband customer since November 2022, and yet STILL I cannot register for My Virgin Media despite trying everything I’ve read here on the message boards-  when I go to enter my email and continue I get an error code- I have already tried in the app and on numerous other web browsers so this is not an issue with that.

the error code is DFE01 -‘Oops we’ve ran into a problem’. Absolutely ridiculous, I’m just going around in circles.

as it appears impossible to speak to someone online about this without logging in to my Virgin media (rather ironic) I’m hoping a technician will contact me here? Or if anyone has had the same issue recently I’d be so grateful for any tips.



Thank you Tom, to note the Forum staff have been nothing but helpful and I appreciate you trying to push this through for me as consistently as you all have, it is once it leaves the forum and is raised as a ticket that the radio silence appears and I will make this clear as again I have always had very swift assistance on this particular platform- I have PM’d Zoie as recommended,


Joining in

Joined 23 Aug 2023. Been on WA and WebChat for hours. Week 5 and still cannot register. VM confirm my acc no is correct (but they dont recognise it) had 3 IT tickets and 2 complaints raised - not a word in reply! 

Hi @PCoch thanks for posting and welcome to our community.

Sorry to hear you've been unable to register your my virgin media account. I am also sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing you.  And I am sorry for the lack of response you've reported when you've tried to resolve the issue. I would like to take a look on your behalf. I am going to send you a private message. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right of your screen.



I am new to Virgin Media and am having the same issues as highlighted by this user.  My media is installed at home and working fine but It will not accept any passwords when I try to register either on PC or on app on the phone.

Hi @Slawit1970 

Welcome to the community forums 

Sorry to hear you're having issues with creating an online account at this time. 

Can you confirm, are you seeing a DFE01 error code or are you seeing a message saying that the password you've entered is not accepted? 
If the password is not accepted, please be aware that it must meet all criteria that I have listed below.  

•  Be between 8-64 characters.
•  Must start with a letter.
•  Contain at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter.

•  Contain at least one number.

•  Special characters are allowed but not required (e.g. ! # % & @).
•  Cannot contain easy to guess words, usernames, or previously used passwords.


Let us know how you get on. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Same issue Carley, and this is the 20th different password I've tried:




Thanks for trying that for me @Slawit1970 

Let's have a look at our side see if we can get this resolved for you, if not, we can raise this to the IT team to investigate further. 


Please join me on private message so I can locate your account and pass account security. You can see your private messages at the top of the page, in the envelope icon or if you're using a smaller device, you can see your private messages by clicking on the Virgin Media logo at the top right and select 'Messages' from the drop down. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Thank you for joining me on private message @Slawit1970 

Glad we were able to get this sorted for you.  If you believe the issue to be resolved you can like or 'kudos' the post if it helped you. 


Please let us know if you are having any further issues or have any questions at all. We'll be here to help on the community forums if needed :). 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Many thanks Carley, very helpful, efficient and overall great service

You're very welcome @Slawit1970 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent