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Cannot register for my Virgin media account

Tuning in

I’ve been a Virgin broadband customer since November 2022, and yet STILL I cannot register for My Virgin Media despite trying everything I’ve read here on the message boards-  when I go to enter my email and continue I get an error code- I have already tried in the app and on numerous other web browsers so this is not an issue with that.

the error code is DFE01 -‘Oops we’ve ran into a problem’. Absolutely ridiculous, I’m just going around in circles.

as it appears impossible to speak to someone online about this without logging in to my Virgin media (rather ironic) I’m hoping a technician will contact me here? Or if anyone has had the same issue recently I’d be so grateful for any tips.



Hi Chloe, 


Thank you for your message. 

Zoie is now away from the office so I will be assisting from here. 

On checking from our side, I can see the ticket was escalated on the 12th of April. With there being the weekend, we would expect to hear a reply by tomorrow at the latest.

If you have not heard anything by tomorrow, can you please drop me a message and I will check on this. 






Thank you Nat will chase up tomorrow if nothing has happened,


kind regards,



No problem at all, thank you. 

Let us know and we will be happy to assist 🙂



Hi Nat,

just to confirm that as of now I’ve still had no contact in relation to a resolution for this issue,

many thanks.

Thanks for the response, 

Just from checking it still appears that there hasn't been a response, many apologies for this.

We've reraised this with the team to gain a response on the account.



Thank you Kain, I hope for a response to this shortly,

kind regards.

No problem,

Again apologies and take care for now.



Dear Team,

Unfortunately, I have been more than patient waiting for this to be resolved. Despite this being chased on numerous occasions by me and then yourselves as community moderators attempting to push this ticket through, no action has been taken by IT to attempt to make contact with me and I will now be making a formal complaint. I’m very disappointed that this couldn’t be resolved through the standard procedure.


How ironic, it seems I cannot make a complaint without being asked to sign in to My Virgin Media which I cannot do and which my entire issue is based on. Please provide a phone number, email address or postal address so that I make my complaint without needing to log in.



Hi @osbornchloe1993 thanks for your further posts here, we're really sorry that this is ongoing for you.

I can see that you've been exchanging messages with my colleague Zoie, if you can message her she will do her best to check the status of things for you but if the ticket is still open we cannot do much further than has already been done unfortunately.

Despite this though, we can also raise a complaint for you here in the Community via PM.

If you wish to reach out to her, she will support you directly with this.

Alternatively, please see here for our complaints code of practice.

Many thanks