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Cannot register for my Virgin media account

Tuning in

I’ve been a Virgin broadband customer since November 2022, and yet STILL I cannot register for My Virgin Media despite trying everything I’ve read here on the message boards-  when I go to enter my email and continue I get an error code- I have already tried in the app and on numerous other web browsers so this is not an issue with that.

the error code is DFE01 -‘Oops we’ve ran into a problem’. Absolutely ridiculous, I’m just going around in circles.

as it appears impossible to speak to someone online about this without logging in to my Virgin media (rather ironic) I’m hoping a technician will contact me here? Or if anyone has had the same issue recently I’d be so grateful for any tips.



As soon as we have updates, we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.


Forum Team

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Dear Team,

It’s now been another 3 weeks past the original deadline to resolve the registering loop with my Virgin Media Account. I need access to my account and this is part of the service I pay for monthly. I feel I have been more than patient. This needs to be resolved within the next 7 days or sadly I will have to make a formal complaint.

Thank you.

Hi Osbornchloe1993.

Thank you for coming back onto this thread.

Sorry to see that it is still not fixed.

What does it say when you try to access your account now? 

Also you can make a complaint by using this link

Let us know.

Thank you.

Ari - Forum Team

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Thank you for your reply,

Nothing has changed since I originally reported the issue- I am still going to register, inputting my email address to start the process and getting the error message ‘Oops we’ve ran into a problem, wait a minute and try again (Code: DEF01) the issue is the same on all my devices regardless of Web Browser/clearing cache/using private browsing. 

kind regards. 

Hi @osbornchloe1993,

I am so sorry to hear this, the ticket has gone past the SLA and should be escalated. I will do this for you, and pop you over a PM so we can confirm your details.



Huge thanks for escalating this for me today Zoie, much appreciated.

Hi Chloe, I have checked your ticket and there doesn't seem to be an update, have you heard anything from our team?


Hi Zoie thanks for checking! Sadly no i haven’t heard anything either 😞




I have still not had an update from our escalation team, have you had any update or are you able to register? 



Hi Zoie,


no I’ve heard nothing from the team and nothing works still. Really disappointed but very much appreciate you checking on this for me,

kind regards.