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Been waiting 3 days for some help

I've not been able to login for 4 days now. I posted here 3 days ago asking for some help. Promised a PM, but still not had any assistance. Any update on the account login issues and anyone going to offer to change my websafe settings for me?

Live Chat

I have severe misophonia, so using the phone is painful. I need to talk to Accounts but cannot get the live-chat to work. I've read posts that suggest availability is random but without knowing when the availability is I am stuck without an accessibi...

alidaf by Joining in
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Issues with “offers”

First time poster here so I hope it’s in the right place.I’m not tech savvy, and prefer a call with someone explaining the ins and outs. first time in a decade I called up today as I’m in my last 2 weeks of current contract, to get a deal. Done this ...

SID77H by Joining in
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Cant access account after moving home

Moved home a couple months ago, ever since the move I seem to have 2 accounts linked to my email, one from the old address and one connected to the new.  I cannot access bills etc through the app as it links the account of the old address. Tried ring...

CFritch by Joining in
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VM go App - Cannot log in

Because of the numerous issues I had with not being able to log into my webmail for over 2 wks my password etc has been changed numerous times   now can't log into my VM Go App so cannt watch tv  I have tried resetting my password but all get is the ...

Cancelling an Engineer's Visit

I raised a ticket on this forum a couple of weeks ago to get some help for my Mother-In-Law to install the new fibre adapter that she was sent. The person i spoke to from the Virgin Media team offered an engineer to come and fix it in 2 weeks time bu...

Virgin not turning up

Right here goes, I’ve left Virgin, on the 32/5 I get a text to arrange pick up of the equipment. Always on a work day, so I managed to get today 7/7 off, unpaid leave. At 9.30 am another text to say they can’t pick up today! I’ve lost a days wage, i ...

Litchy by Joining in
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