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 I have virgin broadband at my home. My wife is an employee of Liberty Global and has moved in with me. I understand that if we take out a package with Virgin on her name it will be cheaper. In this regard I have a few Qs. After reviewing some contra...

Credit Blacklisted by VM

Hi, here is my saga with VM:I called customer services on 01/08/22 to give my 30 days notice to end the contract.After explaining my reasons, rep said he would put me through to the "cancellation department". Needless to say, the 25 minutes and 14 se...

RBL67 by Tuning in
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30 days notice

We have been a happy and loyal customer with Virgin Media for over 20 years, we have given our 30 days notice period and was given a date of termination which was February 7th.  My mother has bad medical conditions/mental health so per below is not h...

kmdcfcxo by Joining in
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Locked out of account!

I have just spent to whole afternoon trying to unlock my email account with no success. I have followed instructions to provide another email account and changed my password… all to no avail. I have tried the bots and phoning but get cut off. What a ...

DebbieT1 by Just joined
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Account cancelled still being billed

I cancelled my account with VM on the 18th of September and I was told it would be disconnected on the 18th of October, so that is fine with me.I have a new ISP which was installed on the 28th of September and I was also having my phone number ported...

Bernard1 by Tuning in
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