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Wifi Self Installation Box didn't arrive

I have just opened a Virgin Media account for the first time and ordered my WiFi self installation box last week. It was supposed to arrive on the 8th March and did not arrive, and I received no communication about it. I have no account number or ref...

kateem__ by Tuning in
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Renewal page on site down

Been trying to renew for over a week. Can’t get on the page at all, constantly reloads then says it can’t be reached due to too many redirects. Called and was basically told to try again. Out of contract, it’s going up end of this month, don’t seem t...

Resolved! Exposed Cabling

Hello, there is exposed wires at one of our flat properties.  The address is [MOD EDIT: PERSONAL INFORMATION REMOVED] Could you confirm when this would be fixed? We reported this last year but had no response. Thanks in advance  Description of damage...

13-23 Glen Etive Place Exposed Wires.jpg
Anonymous by Not applicable
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Black friday deal scam?

I've subscribed VM last Nov, with Black friday deal that stated 3 months free. The contract states I have to pay from 4th month, but they charged me starting from the first month. I've tried to contact online agent... but keep me waiting last sat and...

kkkyyy by Joining in
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Calling Part of my package a promotion.

I renewed my contract package with VM 18 months for broadband, TV and landline but I have just noticed in the small print on my contract says that TV MIX has been called a promotion ending 8 months before my contract ends pushing the price up by a fu...

infidel by Dialled in
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Resolved! RPI Price increase, but I'm on old contract

Hi All, I received the usual RPI price increase letter.I'm aware that since fall 2023 Virgin has baked into its T&Cs the clause that leaving the contract without early repayment charges is no longer an option, but I'm on an old contract (july 2023), ...

Virgin not honouring new contract

Hi,My 18 month deal with Virgin was due to expire on February 19th 2024. I phoned on December 30th 2023 and was made an offer for a new 18 month deal at £72 which I accepted. My next two bills were for £157, which I expected as this usually happens w...

Unlawful default put on credit file

I'd highly recommend avoiding VM at all costs.When attempting to cancel my OUT of contract broadband contract in 2022 which took 3 days telling customer support I do not want to renew as I am moving address and can get better deals elsewhere I was fi...

12.jpg 2.jpg VM.jpg
Mutey23 by Joining in
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