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Resolved! Bill is wrong

Hi, I was offered a management discount which would be applied to my account each month as I had been given miss information regarding pricing.  I was told that my contract would be one figure and the discount would be applied by the manager.  Needle...

Colin222 by Joining in
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Social Tariff & Phone Line

I am on one of the benefits that enable me to use Virgin's Essential social tariffs, but I can see that none of these tariffs include a phone line. Can I sign up to one of these tariffs and keep my existing Virgin phone line? I can see no way of doin...

Drumbeat by Dialled in
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Resolved! virgin not honouring agreed contract price.

On 28th January I negotiated a new contract price, as my current contract was coming to an end, and was moved from an Ultimate Oomph bundle to  a Volt bundle with the same benefits except I was told that my mobile phone had to be moved to O2 for £25....

Unable to view Online Bills

Hi for some reason I'm not able to view my bills online.  When I click View Bills it just goes to the help and support page.  I have tried to access on pc, iPad and iPhone and all the same.  Any help would be most appreciated.

JMD62 by Joining in
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Different address on bill

I have just received a text stating that I have not paid my bill and therefore my internet services may be cut off. When I have checked my account on the app it states that I am £25+ in CREDIT and when I check my bill the address is for a house that ...

Exclusive Discount

I am out of contract as of 20th February. I had an email yesterday offering me an 'Exclusive Discount' and text message (25% off broadband) a few weeks earlier. Both links take me to a page "Oops looks like somethings gone wrong".I have tried differe...

DEF01 error registering account

Am trying to register my online account but on the page to complete my profile when registering, I get the DEF01 error code- I have tried on two different browsers on two different devices and urgently need to complete this to manage my bills 

Brelenor by Joining in
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I've been defrauded by Virgin media

Virgin media sent me a limited time, email offer to renew my package for another 18 months for the same monthly cost.Now VM are now trying to defraud me by charging me double the agreed amount. I've tried contacting their utterly incompetent customer...