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Wrong account number

Joining in

I've moved property recently and took VM with me, but changed for a new package- new account number, old account deactivated. Everything for the new account is installed and working fine, but My Virgin Media is still showing my old account and I'm unable to change it over to my new one to see bills and such.


The same email was used. I called up and was told to try with a different email, which I did, but all it says with a new email is that there is already an account set up but it only leads me to the old, deactivated account and I can't get it switched over to my new account.


Kind regards.


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Virgin Media needs to perform a "Move and Transfer" for your account. This links your existing email with your new account details so you can view bills in My Virgin Media. Explain this to them when you call again.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Ging392

Thanks for your post. Welcome to the Community Forums! We hope the move went smoothly.

What Davidclark490 has advised is absolutely right - we'll need to complete a process we call a 'Move & Transfer' so we can merge your old and new account, so you can continue to sign into My Virgin Media using the existing credentials.

I've sent you a PM so I can take your details and help you with this.