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Web page fault

Tuning in

I'm trying to upgrade every time I use a link from virgin media site it just says Oops. Any Ideas


Alessandro Volta

See the many, many similar posts across the forum (such as' Account Management - Cable'). It's just another broken VM web interface which forces you to phone in and speak to a VM sales agent.

When you do that, don't be too surprised if the agent has no record of the deal offered on your screen and can only offer you a much more expensive package. This issue has been repeated on the forums many times just recently.

I've been on the whatsapp page and got a much better deal at a cheaper price than I'm paying. The whole system seems so complicated and don't talk about security questions been repeatedly asked its so disheartening spending most of my afternoon to try and complete something so simple as renew your contract you think they would want you signed up easily quickly. 

It's designed to be as tortous and complicated as possible. The sales agents' main objective is to upsell you something more expensive that you do not necessarily need or want. The longer you are kept locked in combat with the agent, the more likely it is you will give in and accept the deal they are offering.

If, however, you have now endured the process, and come out with something better than you had before, then all credit to you!

Make sure you keep a record of the WhatsApp conversation. Check that against the contract doc's that come through from VM to make sure what you think you have agreed is actually what you are getting from VM.

Hey there chummyyoung, thank you for reaching out and I am so sorry to hear about this.

Please do try this link using Chrome, I would also make sure cookies are accepted. 

Please do keep us updated.

Matt - Forum Team

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