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Virgin media contract renewal

Joining in

I'm currently paying £71.84 and my contract is up for renewal. I've spoke to the VM team last week and haven't made any changes to my package and they are quoting me £135. Is this a normal price hike?. Seems rather excessive to me. Any comments or help would be great.


Alessandro Volta

What package of services do you have? Have you compared your VM offer with other providers and also with VM's own 'standard' pricing for your particular package?

There seems to have been quite a few recent topics on here where existing customers have been made very poor renewal offers by VM and only received something better once they actually put in a cancellation (although there is no guarantee at all that cancelling will generate an improved offer for everyone who does so).

This is my current package.


Your package£71.84

Package cost breakdown:

Your package for the next period covers 05 May - 04 June

  • Ultimate Volt bundle £152.84
    All services included in your Virgin Media bundle will be grouped by product and displayed here. The price displayed is the full package price without any discounts or offers.
    If you've added one or more personal picks to your bundle, we'll show you how much those extra's cost.
    Bundle cost breakdown:
    • Television:
      • Sky Sports HD Pack
      • Sky Sports and Cinema Collection
      • Kids Pick
      • Maxit TV
      • Virgin TV 360 Box
      • Virgin TV 360 Mini Box
      • 2 Additional TV Box
      • Netflix Standard
        Sky Sports Ultra HD
    • Broadband:
      • Discount
      • Volt Gig1 Broadband
    • Telephone:
      • Line Rental
      • Anytime chatter
        Voicemail Free
  • Promotions & discounts Cr £81.00

Alessandro Volta

its normal to try and screw as much out of you as they can when your initial 18 month contact is finished - its fair to assume your 1st contract was at cost or even losing them money - so they bump the price - you will be lucky to get back to your old price - ringing and negotiating will get you something but they will try for as much as they can

look what else is available and have those figures available if you do ring - your best deal is likely to be achieved by you giving 30 days notice - it may concentrate the mind of whoever you give it to or they may accept it and then ring you with an offer

not guaranteed but its the best option - if it goes belly up then you leave or try again to see what they will offer


Sacked VIP

Alessandro Volta

I would imagine your 'Ultimate Volt' bundle will have been replaced by another bundle name now. On my non-VM connection I can see similar-looking packages which are

Bigger Combo Bundle + Sports HD (£65pm for new customers and £150 pm from month 19)


Mega Volt Bundle (£84.99 pm for new customers of which £20 is to O2 for a SIM and £178 pm from month 19)

(not sure how easy VM makes it for existing customers to see these on a VM connection)

If your existing package is £71.84 with a £81 monthly credit that puts you back into similar territory to the above bundles at £152.84 at 'standard' pricing, so you are getting a modest discount of £15-ish off the 'standard' price with your renewal offer. You also seem to have some additional TV equipment include in your existing package.

Whether you can get any better deal from VM depends on the outcome of going through the renewal dance performance with VM to haggle whatever you can from them if you want to renew for something similar.

Be aware though if you change to a different package at renewal, there have been regular topics on here about customers thinking they were getting exactly the same bundle of services or 'equivalent' at renewal, only to find that certain things they were expecting to be present were not (usually to do with landline call plans and/or TV channels).