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Virgin Media doorstop collection of old equipment, how to arrange it.

Fibre optic

How do I arrange for this to be done?

My termination email mentioned it might be possible but did not provide a contact number for the collections team.  I am unable to get to a yodel drop off point.

I feel it would be discrimination to charge me for the equipment when I have it ready to be picked up at the door.  So please advise on how I can arrange the doorstep collection.

Quote from the email.

"As well as sending you our returns packaging, we also have a doorstep collection team out and about in some areas. They can help make your returns even easier. We're working with Contact Engine to arrange a collection from your home, so please keep an eye out for a text, email or call from them. This way you won't even have to leave your house to return our kit."

Also the return packaging is like a puzzle, no idea what I am doing with it, so might just hand over the equipment in the original box it came in which I still have.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi chrcoluk 

Using the original packaging won't be a problem, but the following video might be useful in how to pack the equipment


I've moved your thread to the Account forum as forum staff don't tend to look in the natter/chatter section

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @chrcoluk 

Welcome back to the community forums

Sorry to hear of your concerns with the return packaging. If it's easier as newapollo has advise, you can use the original packaging or your own packaging if you prefer to. Just needs to have the  returns label attached on. 

Let us know if you're still having difficulties with the returns box and we'll assist further if needed

Here to help 🙂
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Fibre optic

Yes I am, usually companies if they want something returning they have someone pick up at the door, I cant get to a yodel collections point, and now I am bein threatened with a £110 charge like its some kind of collection racket.

Please arrange for someone to pick this up at my door please.  The payment will be forcefully taken from me in early June.

Hi chrcoluk

Thanks for getting back to us.

No problem, we'll do our best to see if we can get someone out to collect the equipment.

I've dropped you a message so I can take your details.