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Trying to charge me extra month

Dialled in

So the 4th March I gave Virmin media my 30 days notice and agreed I would get charged 1 month and then on the 4th April get charged £4.50 for the extra couple days out contract. To my surprise I sign in on app and they trying to charge me from the 4th April- 5th May🤬 like come on Virgin stop being greedy f*****s and just let me pay what your owed and nothing more see pics for proof. 🥴

Virgin trying to bill me again


Proof of chat with them in March cancelling and agreeing a end fee




Same boat. They charge (produce bills) until end of disconnection. You'll either get a cheque back 28 days after OR if the DD date is in the future they may not collect the amount and issue a credit a few days after disconnection. The email is wrong as it says "You haven't paid last month's"; that's because the system is coded by halfwits who haven't given it intelligence to realise the DD isn't due yet; how can they complain when they are the ones who collect payment.

Like you I had a full month for April quoted even though I paid up till end of March. A credit for the unused last two days of March came through a few days after disconnection which the email said was around £6, but looking in My Virgin Media billing, its says that credit plus the month of April (which hasn't actually been taken by DD until 12th April).

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @supershaun Thanks for reaching out to us on the Virgin Media forums. 👋🏼

I'm sorry to hear about the confusion in relation to the billing. 😢
The bills will be produced as usual up until the disconnection as the system does not consider in the disconnection.

This amount is either refunded or recalculated in the final bill, which is produced a few days after the services have ended. 🧾

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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